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Wire stripping and cutting machine  (WPM-MAX2-25) 25 sq.mm
Wire stripping and cutting machine  (WPM-MAX2-25) 25 sq.mm
  • Wire Stripping And Cutting Machine (WPM-MAX2-25) 25 Sq.mm

  • Item No : WPM-MAX2-25

  •  Wire Stripping And Cutting Machine, Wire Cutting Stripping Machine, Machine For Cutting And Stripping Wires, Automatic Wire Cutting And Stripping Machine Product, 
    Wire Cross-section: 0.1-25.0sq.mm
    Conduit Diameter: 13mm
    Stripping Length: Head Side 0-100mm
    Tail Side 0-100mm
    Cutting Length: 1-100000mm
    Measurement: 39*35*25cm

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Detailed description
wire stripping and cutting machine, wire cutting stripping machine, machine for cutting and stripping wires, Automatic Wire Cutting And Stripping Machine 
Automatic Full Computer Wire Stripping Machine 
Adopt advanced automation technology from Japan, and Taiwan.
It is a kind of numerical control equipment. 
 Apply for:
Widely used in the electronics industry, the city has electrical appliances, motors, lamps, toys, 
and other various products of wire processing.
Optimal stripped wire PVC/Teflon/silica gel line /. Glass fiber, etc.
Available Wire Cross-Section Range: 0.1~25.0mm2(AWG3#-AWG32#)
Conduit Diameter: ¢13mm
Cutting Length: 1mm~100000mm
Cutting tolerance: ± (0.002 × L) (Cutting length)
Stripping Length: Head 0~100mm, Tail 0~100mm
Middle Stripping Section: Max 16
Speed: 5000-6000pcs/h
Display Way: English LCD
Drive Mode: 4 Drives
Blade Material: Hard tungsten steel
Appropriate Wire: Electrical wires, PVC/Silica gel line/Glass fiber cables
Power Supply: 220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz
Power Rating: 500W
Measurement: 390X350X255mm
Weight: 37kg

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