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Hand-held screwdriver WPM-801
Hand-held screwdriver WPM-801
  • Hand-held Screwdriver WPM-801

  • Item No : WPM-801

  •  Hand-held Screwdriver, Screw Locking Assembly Machine, Find Complete Details About Desktop Automatic Suction Lock Screw Machine Multi-axis Automatic Screw Locking Assembly Machine, Automatic Screw Driving Machine, Screwing Robot, Automatic Screw Fix Locking Machine
    Efficiency : 50-70PCS/MIN(Depends On Screw Length)
    Voltage : 220V/50HZ
    Screw-feeding Speed:0.75sec/p
    Power: 30W
    Dimension : 370*250*190MM
    Noise: Lower Than 65db 

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Hand-held-screwdriver, Screw Locking Assembly Machine, find complete details about desktop automatic suction lock screw machine multi-axis automatic screw locking assembly machine, automatic screw driving machine, Screwing Robot, Automatic Screw Fix Locking Machine
Introduction: Automatic screwdriver consists of two parts: 
1. The feeding system will order screws and distribute them through allocation, and then send them to the screwdriver via the pipe. 
2. The electric or pneumatic screwdriver will lock the screws into the right place of the products. Compared with a traditional screwdriver, an automatic screwdriver machine just needs one hand to take the screwdriver and align the screw hole, saving the other hand. After locking one screw, another one will be sent to the mouth of the screwdriver the moment it is lifted. hand-held screwdriver is classified into two types: standard type and push-pull type.   Standard type: Suitable for screws of all materials. Push-pull type: Must be magnet-absorptive material such as carbon steel or iron, etc.  
Efficiency: 50-70PCS/MIN(Depends on screw length)
Voltage: 220V/50HZ
Screw-feeding Speed:0.75sec/p
Power: 30W
Dimension: 370*250*190MM
Noise: lower than 65db 

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