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LED Module Soldering Machine WPM-142
LED Module Soldering Machine WPM-142
  • LED Module Soldering Machine WPM-142

  • Item No : WPM-142

  • LED Module Soldering Machine WPM-142
    Size    45cm*50cm*60cm
    Weight    45kg
    Power    350W
    Max Stroke    Y Axis Max Stroke Is 260mm, Z Axis Max Stroke Is 120mm
    Range Of  Temperature    0-480℃
    Control Of The Tin Output    420 Stepper Motor
    Control System    Single-chip Program
    Soldering Head Supported OD Of Iron Tip    1.0-5.5mm
    Soldering Head Heat Method    120W High-frequency Heating
    Transfer Method    Belt Drive
    Supported In Wire Diameter    0.1mm-1.2mm
    Soldering Fast Speed    0.01sec
    Repeat Accuracy    ±0.02mm
    Track Slide Mode    Straight Line
    Governance Structure    Aluminum CNC Engraving

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Detailed description
led module soldering machine WPM-142
Full automatic soldering and soldering quality is better than manual soldering
This led module soldering machine has a perfect soldering program, no fake tin, easy operation, and fast
LED module output:3000~5000 pcs/h;
Lamp post output:2000~3000pcs/h
Save 4 to 5 labor.
High-power heating controller to ensure the stability of continuous solder
Double soldering heads, can solder 2 points per time
Adopts dual-rail structure, more stable

Voltage    AC220V-50Hz
Size    45cm*50cm*60cm
Weight    45kg
Power    350W
Max stroke    Y-axis max stroke is 260mm, Z-axis max stroke is 120mm
Range of  temperature    0-480℃
Control of the tin output    420 stepper motor
Control system    Single-chip program
Soldering head supported OD of Iron tip    1.0-5.5mm
Soldering head heat method    120W high-frequency heating
Transfer method    Belt drive
Supported in wire diameter    0.1mm-1.2mm
Soldering fast speed    0.01sec
Repeat accuracy    ±0.02mm
Track slide mode    Straight line
Governance structure    Aluminum CNC engraving

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