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Thin enameled stripping machine WPM-680B
Thin enameled stripping machine WPM-680B
  • Thin Enameled Stripping Machine WPM-680B

  • Item No : WPM-680B

  • Enameled Stripping Machine, Enameled Copper Wire Stripping Machine, Enamal Wire Stripping Machine For Copper, Enamelled Copper Stripping Machine

    Stripping Length:      1-50mm
    Stripping Method:    Steel Wire Brush
    Wire Size:                0.14-1.33mm
    Adjust Method:        Desktop, Electric
    Mounting:                Fixed On The Table Top
    Lead-wire Type:      Single Or Multiple
    Power Supply:         AC220V
    Measurement:         480*350*320mm 

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Detailed description
enameled stripping machine, enameled copper wire stripping machine, enamal wire stripping machine for copper, enamelled copper stripping machine. It is a desktop-enameled wire electric scraper painting tool.
enameled wire stripper
1 Can adjust to adapt to all kinds of enameled wire, easy application,
2 can quickly enameled wire insulation film, decontamination clean, smooth surface.
3 Its superior performance, completely replace the traditional manual cutter, grinding wheel abrasive paper mill, and potions to paint means such as corrosion, not only greatly improves work efficiency, and weldability.
4 Is electrical, electrical, instrumentation, transformers, electronic, household appliances, electric tools such as coil ideal enameled wire scraper painting equipment manufacturing and maintenance industry.
5 It combines an electronic step-less speed regulator, motor, and scraper painting blade as a whole, the microswitch of light and durable. Scraper printing speed, high efficiency, simple operation, stable performance, low failure rate, and the design is novel and practical, etc.

stripping length:      1-50mm
Stripping Method:    Steel wire brush
Wire Size:                0.14-1.33mm
Adjust Method:        Desktop, electric
Mounting:                fixed on the tabletop
Lead-wire Type:      Single or multiple
Power Supply:         AC220V
Measurement:         480*350*320mm 

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